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Cube Renovation designs and build kitchens with standard, semi-custom, or full-custom cabinets. We create exclusive kitchen spaces with exquisite details and artistic touches to bring your imagination to life.
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The Essential Checklist

Tailoring Your Kitchen Renovation to Perfection The path to a successful kitchen renovation lies in meticulous planning and selecting the right materials. The specifics will vary based on the project’s scale, your envisioned design, and personal preferences. To ensure a smooth and satisfying renovation experience, here’s a comprehensive checklist of essential items and considerations for every kitchen makeover:


The Magic of Color in Kitchen Renovations Painting is a simple yet transformative option for your kitchen renovation. The right color choice can elevate the entire ambiance of your kitchen.

Floor Wall Tiles

A Mosaic of Choices for Floor and Backsplash Tiles Tiles are more than just functional elements in a kitchen renovation; they infuse the space with character and are vital in protecting surfaces from daily wear and tear.


The Cornerstone of Kitchen Design and Functionality Cabinets are more than mere storage solutions; they define the aesthetic and practicality of your kitchen. Let's explore the array of cabinet types available.


Navigating the World of Kitchen Faucets The choice of a kitchen faucet is a pivotal decision in your renovation project, blending both style and practicality. With a range of options available, each offering unique features.


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